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Hajj Packages

Mutaff Offers following hajj packages:

Hajj Package 2016
Duration: 33 Days

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Accommodation: In Makkah:  about 800 meters
In Madina:  Markziya
Duration: 33 Days
Room sharing: Sharing Bed; Triple Bed, Double Bed
Meal: Meal will be provided   (breakfast and dinner)
Travel: Travelling to Mina-Arafat-Mina will be by train/bus.
Departure: From Pakistan:  August 17, 2016
From Saudia:  after 33 days Inshallah
Flight No: From Pakistan: From Saudia:
Flight Time: From Pakistan: From Saudia:  
Hajj Cost: PAK Rs.
  Sharing Bed 475,000
  Triple Bed 510,000
  Double Bed 525,000